• Facilities available

    Our fishing lodge is a hidden gem, perfect for a peaceful day’s angling. To enhance your experience we offer a picnic area beside the lake and toilet facilities just a short walk away. See facilities page for more details.

  • Accessibility to fishery

    We have recently created a permanent path down to the lake, so the majority of anglers, and all their necessary fishing equipment, can easily access it!

  • Conditions of fishing

    Conditions of fishing are outlined on the noticeboard by the lodge and also in the facilities page. See facilities page for more details.

  • Free parking for anglers

    Our free car park offers ample room, and direct access down to the fishing lodge.

  • Newly created path

    Our gravel path, offering easier access in all but the most extreme weather conditions.

  • The fishing lodge

    Our lodge has been fitted with an aerator, which keeps the water clean and pure and provides the best possible living conditions for our ample fish.